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Report - Richards Ltd, a day in the Broadford works

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The Broadford works is a stunning collection of mills dating from 1908 to 1914. It would be of great interest for anyone with an eye for industrial architecture, and I'm thrilled to hear that for once it's importance has been realised and all the buildings of merit are to be preserved. The scale of the works is enough to blow me away, but the fact that such a huge site can be packed to the rafters with epicness is pretty much beyond me. I have to stop every few steps to soak up another fixture or fitting, another packet or box from an era long gone. I love the place and I feel that after this trip I have seen the vast majority of the place.

This report is not really a tour of the works like my work usually is as it has been covered in other reports, but just a set of snaps of odds and ends I found interesting, and I am sure the likeminded people on this forum will too.

Strong room

1918 letterhead, advertising Richards as a wool and flax spinner, dyer and bleachers.
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9 number memory:eek:
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I LOVE this piece of graffiti, despite the fact I will never know who it was drawn about or the exact nature of the joke, I just love the andy capp esque artwork. So much so I have drawn it out to have stuck on the wardrobe:gay

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Board room or manager's office has lavish plasterwork. In fact the whole office block did, but most was hidden from view by a false ceiling.
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I insist on electric finish. Nothing else will do
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This was a hand made crate... made of leather!! It was a piece of art in itself.
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Nice work in finding a stencil that fits the box:crazy
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This banister was made of a single piece of wood, and was a real beautiful piece of carpentry
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Graffiti in the storage bays
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Is it just me, or are the floozeys in newspapers getting to be a lower standard:confused:

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