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Report - - Richborough Power Station - 19/11/06 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Richborough Power Station - 19/11/06

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Jamie of Hackney

So - I'm on the coast, the sun is shining and I've got a sexy 20-year-old redhead at my side. So what do I do? I leave her in a car park for three hours while I explore a derelict power station. To be fair on me, I did invite her inside, but she was put off by all the warning signs.

As was I somewhat - especially the police dog training ones. I'm glad I did it though, because the entire place was completely deserted. No security, no police - nobody*. Even small building by the main gates, where security obviously should have been, was empty.

(* I went in this little blue wooden hut and was looking in a cupboard when I turned and there was a man stood there. Turned out there was a mirror on the wall).

This is my largest solo explore so far and probably my favourite. The location is huge in scale, but with enough small details to keep interest high.

A few things before the pictures...

One of the notices about trespassers had 'Oh no! I'm sooo scared' written on it in felt-tip. Anybody here responsible for that?

The website address for Derelict Britain and World of the Shadows can be found on a noticeboard (along with instructions for a scavenger hunt)

And, confession time, I took something. There was this massive role of stickers and I couldn't resist taking one. Well, I couldn't resist taking nine, but that still left hundreds of them.

My favourite pictures from the day are below.

The rest can be found by following this link. Some of them might be familiar from earlier reports (and there are too many corridor shots), but I still like 'em.











And what did I end up doing with the sexy 20-year-old redhead? I took her for a meal - which, owing to a financial mix-up on my part, she had to pay for. It's no wonder I'm so popular with the ladies if I can offer a day out like that one.