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Report - Rnad in Pembs. 03/19

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So I've wanted to visit this fairly local spot to me since I heard about it around ten years ago, though it's a well known spot, with a fair amount of public info on history and use.
Rnad Trecwn was a bit of a mystery before urbex forums became more popular, and was a rumor mill for all types of stories, from nuclear weapons to hidden underground bunkers, the truth, in a way is less sensational, but in my opinion, way more impressive and interesting.
After a couple of nights of up to date research and a quick scout or two, we decided to tackle the place properly.

We walked a while along this rail, that ran along the whole valley, In fact, this line still runs from the site, to the North breakwater at Goodwick port, where it would supply naval ships.
The rail lead in and out of exchange sheds with gantries, like the one below, which would take munitions from the narrow gauge rail and deposit it to the train leading out of the site.


Manufacturer's plate and safety signs on all three gantry cranes.

A sticker on the door of the exchange shed cabin, from when decommissioned back in the 90s.


These types of opening didn't seem to actually go into the hillside, and there were only a handful. Maybe just a place for parking the narrow gauge machines that ran into the hillside caverns?

A few more of these types of portal, this section of the valley was being deforested.

These types of opening were what we were looking for, unfortunately most of them so far had been completely bricked up. This one was probably openable, but not without tools, or breaking something so a no-go.
It also had a hell of a lot of water running from under the door, which might suggest the 70+ year old caverns might be failing inside.

A very overgrown tunnel entrance.

This was what we were looking for, well, I'd already scouted out a few weeks ago. A fairly recently cut open tunnel re-blocked by concrete barricades.

After making our way in, this was the view we would have had if It was fully open, a long exposure was needed to take most of these photos. stalactites drooped from the ceiling, But for the most part the original brick tunnel was dry.

A switch board and breakers at the entrance, specially sealed units powered and lit the cavern to reduce risk of sparks and fire.

A view back through the tunnel leading into the cavern. Glow in the dark arrows guide to the exit in event of power cuts.

This was the view from the connecting tunnel, Note how small my brother looks when placed near the far wall. It must have been at least 60m long!
The echoes in this place were incredible, any high pitched noise would reverberate for ages, as well as the wind noise funneled down from the opening.

Lit from the opposite end, surprisingly dry for its age and disuse. There were channels running on one side of the room, and the panels on the wall led to a roughly 1.5ft wide cavity, with waterways between the outer, and inner skin or the room. Which at some point had been retrofitted with stainless wall ties, fair play to whoever took a ladder inside those spaces!
Unfortunately, the gantry, runners, cranes, humidity control etc had been removed from this particular Storage unit. Markers were to be found on the floor which positioned racks of munitions perhaps, along with fork lift rubber marks and skids.
It's difficult to believe this place was built at the beginning of ww2, and that this is only one of 58 caverns along the valley floor!


We had a good look around the place after exiting the tunnel, and found lots of old buildings of note, the place is huge, possibly two miles long, and we had yet to explore a lot of it.
Old train maintenance sheds, blast walls, barracks, and offices, lots of other buildings to be seen.

Hope y'all enjoyed taking a look at this. It's a secured private property at the moment, though no laws need to be broken to enter it (goes without saying but still, I'll say it).
And the front gate would probably be a mistake for this one, fyi.
Stay safe all!
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Ace report. Do they still use part of the site or is it all disused now?


Bajo Tierra
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Front end is used by various companies, the rest of the site is empty, its been up for sale for a while i believe.


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just an update for this one, recently went back there and found that the tunnels have now had another lego brick added on top.
Access to the storage tunnels are completely impossible now, the only remaining tunnel accessible at all has two old padlocks on the maintained gate.

`seems there have been a few posts on facebook that have might have drawn attention, but more likely the smashed windows and evidence of vandalism we found were the reason for more lock ups.

We did however find two of at least 7 empty underground water reservoirs that were very impressive. might post something on here soon about those.


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Cheers for the update, we have a revisit planned shortly, they still logging all the surrounding woodland?