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Report - - Robert Caine's Brewery (Caines Brewery Village) Liverpool - March 2024 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Robert Caine's Brewery (Caines Brewery Village) Liverpool - March 2024

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Mr Budge

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After reading @GRONK report on this place a few weeks back i decided it was definitely worth a look.

Brief History

Founded in 1858 by Robert Cain, a self-made man who rose from a cabin boy to a successful brewery owner, Cain's Brewery quickly established itself as a cornerstone of Liverpool's brewing industry.

Over the years, the brewery expanded, acquiring other breweries and building a distinctive portfolio of beers, with its beautiful red brick brewery becoming a landmark in the city.

Despite facing the typical ups and downs of the industry, including changes in ownership and financial struggles, Cain's managed to maintain its presence and identity in Liverpool.

In the early 21st century, the brewery experienced significant challenges, leading to its closure and subsequent attempts at revival.

The site has since been repurposed and is known as 'caines brewery village' and house bars, coffe shops, street food venues and even an indoor crazy golf course.


After trying another spot down the road that was a fail earlier in the morning me and @MotionlessMike decided it would be a good time to try this place as the venues would have started to open by now.

By the time we got there half of the village was still shut but an irish bar pumping with music seemed a good place to grab a drink and start.

The whole building is made up of venues so walking around lost didn't feel to out of place and after a few dead ends and an awkward hello with the kitchen staff we found our way into to the disused sections.


One of the first rooms we saw, would have held vessels at one point in time, blue tint on the windows is to deter the UV light



The attic did reveal a lovely clock face how ever



posters still litter the buildings walls and floors, not to old given there's a website on the bottom


hops store that was converted into a bar now seemingly used as a storage area



Hoppers would feed the vessels below here, now there is just a void where busy production used to be






After checking out most of the dis used rooms which are now forgotten storage areas i decided to find a way up to the roof and get a closer look at that chimney


A lovely view over a cold and wet Liverpool


We decided to leave calling it a day here and was met with a startled/confused bar maid who didn't understand how two guys had appeared in a room she was decorating in for hours, turns out we were 10 minuets off a wedding (this explained why the floor was littered in petals and candles).

After gas lighting the woman into believing we walked past her 10 minutes ago as she was blowing up the balloons she reluctantly let our pigeon poo covered bodies pass by and into the 'open' bars, mikes tactically stashed half pint did make it somewhat believable.









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Nice work lads, really well captured. Glad someone else has had a pop at it