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Report - Roger Haydock & Co, Widnes (Cheshire, Oct, 2017)


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Roger Haydock and Co was founded in 1875 and were importers of wood as well as finishers and manufacturers of various wood and metal products. The site in Widnes (53.347701, -2.769069) closed in 2013 after a suspected arson attack in 2002. What remains consists of an office building, with a smaller building contain a communal room cum workshop beside it. Behind are a number of sheds/warehouses which have now mostly lost their roofs. People have clearly been in and opened cupboards etc., but the overriding impression of this explore is that the workers seemed to have simply upped sticks and left in a hurry, leaving a lot of stuff behind. There is a water fountain running in one of the offices on the ground floor, so this is about 1 cm deep in water in places.

The site - office is on the left.

The main office contains several rooms filled with documents, 4 safes as well as lots of elderly computer and office equipment. The upstairs is now beginning to degrade in parts where the water has got in.

And some outside shots of sheds and contents.

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