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Report - Rooftop - Manchester city centre premier inn


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Had an pretty good day on Saturday (26th may). I was just chilling out in the city and decided to climb the premier inn near the cathedral.
At a height of 80m (260ft) it offered some astounding views of Manchester and the surrounding area. I started by heading through the lobby and up to the 8th floor as the lift only went 10 levels up and I wanted to avoid suspicion by going to a lower level. I headed to the fire stairs and didn’t close the door fully so I could exit later. From there I walked up the stairs to the top. Unfortunately I don’t currently have a good camera but I think these pictures are ok.
after taking some pics I put the camera away and just enjoyed the incredible view

The roof layout

After spending about an hour up there I decided to leave and headed back down the fire stairs however the door I’d left open a little on level 8 was closed so I had to continue down and exit via the fire doors to the road luckily no alarms went off.



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No one ever seems to be sure whether this is open or closed lol - seems to change like the wind. Decent photos - always good to see a daytime roof jobby.

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