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Report - Rose Bank Mill, Stubbins - February '16


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It's been a while...

Hey guys, Lew here again and after a good three and a half years of waiting in the shadows I finally have a new report to post! Big thanks to @Xan_Asmodi for getting me out of the city and generally doing all the hard work :thumb


After heading into Ramsbottom, watching the heritage railway and grabbing a pint, we were soon off on the wrong way to the mill. A mile or so of walking later and this is what we were greeted by:


The mill opened as Eden Wood cotton mill circa 1796-1806 and operated for around 50 years before being taken over by Anderton & Co of Accrington. Shortly after in 1854, the company was dissolved and the mill was run by Peter Hindle. By the early 20th century the mill was used for cotton dyeing and finishing, but was converted for printing in the 1960s. The mill was in use until 2001 and has fallen into disrepair since.


The site is fairly large but the elements have done their worst and the place is absolutely wrecked. Floors have fallen in all over the place and getting around isn't easy, the recent flooding has brought a good couple of inches of mud and debris to the ground floor of the mill. There's little left of the mill's past glory, but a derp's a derp and someone has to do it.






Due to the state of the flooring a lot of the first floor was inaccessible, but there was a solid vantage point to grab a few more photos before we left.






Thanks for looking!
Full set here.



Likes a good derp
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Haha cheers man! I'm pretty happy with how they came out after another round of editing. Definitely need to get out more though mate, this has really whet my appetite for exploring again :thumb


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:thumb ... Must have hewn true to the UE motto ..." Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints " ... Great big muddy ones , eh?


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Nothing wrong with that floor if you ask me :thumb we ended up on the roof last time...
The flooding's done a fair bit of damage too, the mud all over the floor wasn't there a few months back


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Just had a quick look today.Acess totally open, but would rather try the north face of the Eiger than walk on that crumbly flooring.

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