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Report - Rover Trentham Command Centre - Longbridge, UK, 2010 - 2012


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It's been a while since I have posted on here, and what I'm posting isn't new, but something I've kept/forgotten about until various Rover reports were seen on FB.

Ever since I originally visited MG/Rover in 2007 I have been in touch with ex-Rover employees, one of whom was in charge of the tunnels system, he planned the layouts and passed me over the drawings and some images many moons ago.

I'm not releasing the full plans as some are still accessible and I don't want to be the cause of a bigger tour train than usual (Also I want to keep a few for myself as eventually MG will move on from their oversized design office).

So below is the first of 2 I'll be posting, I think I am right in saying no explorer, not even myself accessed it. I have 2 images, both taken by the Rover guy. It's of the Trentham Command Centre.

The Trentham Command Centre was flooded almost completely for years and years after its original use during WW2, its access was actually incredibly close to Lickey Road, now wasteland. It was behind a green door that it looks like everyone just didn't bother going in. Once Demo started St. Modwen did pump it out and according to Security they said it hadn't changed much at all, but it was filled in with rubble to prevent subsidence and is now no more.

I also visited at various stages of Demo, below you can see said Green door behind some welded on pallasade fencing. The bunker is under the buiding closest to Lickey Road as it still stood in 2010.

Pics inside the spiral staircase, note the 'Air Danger' writing, hence why there are no pics further down...

Demolition of the Trentham Command Centre site 2010...

Door located in the centre of the yellow circle...

The door...

Side of the building...

This was the same area in 2012...


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