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Report - Royal Hospital Haslar - 17/05/15


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Here is a quick bit of history stolen from www.royalhaslar.com. It wont be extensive as everyone and there aunt has posted about this place!

The Royal Hospital Haslar, completed in 1762, was built to provide a dedicated military hospital for the Royal Navy. Set in over 60 acres of beautiful parkland, with many Georgian Grade II listed buildings and a prime seafront location, Haslar has a long tradition of delivering care and well-being to its residents.

In November 2009 the Ministry of Defence (MoD) sold the site to OurEnterprise, a company dedicated to a community-led regeneration.

Today the Royal Haslar site extends to approximately 62 acres of land and comprises approximately 75,000 square meters of buildings. Eighteen buildings on the site are either Grade II or II* listed.

At last. Weeks of research, report reading and fantasizing of what lays in wait and we were here.

Ready with long sleeves, torches, snacks, cameras and the unwavering desire to explore Crow and I left on our second Haslar expedition. Last time our trip resulted in a look around the outer buildings, the Canada block and then a swift run back to our exfil point when we were spotted looking for entry into the main building. Suffice to say, this time was much more fortuitous.

After gaining entry to the site we snuck straight into the Canada building, there we waited to hear the inevitable sound of secca saying they had seen us. All was good and it turns out it was just nerves getting the better of us, so we spied out our main objective and the sign that you had in fact made it, The legendary sky walk...

Gaining entry to this part of the site was not easy, it took maybe 90 minutes to find an entry, and then another 20 getting in, but that oh so glorious sound [REMOVED], there truly is nothing like it. This led us to the coasters cafe on the 1st floor, however as we silently celebrated and grew ever more excited at the prospect of becoming one of the lucky few to see the glorious main building, we discovered a minor problem. The sky bridge is well and truly locked down, I mean padlock and chain combined with stacked desks and chairs.

After such a long drive I was not ready to give up so soon, so after being forced to leave the building we had worked so hard to enter, we decided to try our luck on the main block without using the sky walk. After maybe another hour of searching for entry, one fire escape, a 1st floor climb and a terrifying balancing act we made entry to the main block. The smell of damp, rot and pigeon excrement was in major juxtaposition to the joy we both felt having reached the pinnacle our Urbex careers.

Despite having made entry to the building, we realised we had no clue where we were going so after much walking around in circles and hiding from footsteps (or what sounded like them) we managed to see all of the main sights without being rumbled.

Apologies for the wordiness of my first report, hope you enjoy the following images! (I wont post all of them, I mean you have seen them all before right?)


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Good going mate, also a big shout out to the person who put signs up in the main building that led us to the MRI scanner!
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