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Report - Royal Hospital Haslar, Gosport, 2014-2017 (pic heavy)


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I’ve not been since they pulled the crosslink down. Assume now they will move on to the main building


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What, Haslar?

It’s a grade II* listed building. It’s never not going to be standing lmao


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The nurses rooms are being stripped now

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Snooker Room

Despite being left for 8 years. The snooker table is immaculate

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Not much to say here, used to be a shortcut through the hospital for nurses. Was used in the war as bomb shelters and operating theatres. The paintings on the walls are from the 60s when staff would hold little parties here (I believe)

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Two preserved human organs remain here. They tend to be found by one explorer and then moved somewhere else, a bit like a fucked up hide and seek. One is liver cirrhosis and the other is ulcerative colitis

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Chapel of rest / Morgue

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The Zymotic buildings are all much the same internally

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Psychiatric Ward

There was a rumour that the padded cell had been stripped out. Wrong.

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Thank you for looking!
Thanks for the great photos. I worked in Haslar when it was a naval hospital, and for a year or so lived in one of the Zymotics buildings. Does anyone know whether these are going to be refurbished and turned into the usual luxury apartments? They have a great sea view so I guess would be popular. I've never been back since I left the navy, I think it would be very sad to see what became of such a fine hospital, and which for many of us who had the privilege of working there were happy times.


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They are. A lot of us are hoping that g block is kept and used as the building for the haslar museum as it has the last remaining padded cell in the country.