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Report - - Royal Insurance Building - Liverpool - 14/03/08 | Other Sites |

Report - Royal Insurance Building - Liverpool - 14/03/08

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What and awsome place this is! Liverpool insurance is a realitivly 'oldskool' site and i had admired some of the rooftop shots before but relly had no idea it was so nice inside!

You basicly start off in the basement where theres a huge canteen/bar area, this is a little bland in comparison to the rest of the building so head up onto the ground floor and your greated with a stunning hall with windows down both sides. One side is a busy street with stretlamps and the other is a dark alleyway so you get great shadows coming through the windows.




Heading up the floors get less and less open plan and start to become more office like. For the first five or six floors theres an awsome light shaft on the landing of each floor with makes for a great 'dont look down shot'


On the top floor your up in the roof space with dormer windows down both sides and you can walk out onto the roof for some of the best non-london city views possible in the UK. At one end of the top floor theres a balcony over looking the street below. As it was a Friday night there was plenty of brawls going on and blue lights lighting up the streets below. Standing up there is a total contrast, it feels calm and peaceful.



To top it off you climb the tightest spiral staircase ever to reach the top of an awsome 'twin floor' tower overlooking the whole city.



I dont think i relly did it justice!