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Royal London Hospital Towers : Whitechapel, London : Sep.2008 | Downfallen |

Royal London Hospital Towers : Whitechapel, London : Sep.2008

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Royal London Hospital Towers, Whitechapel, London - Sep. 2008 - Report !
Two Towers - Tallest 320ft ish / 18 Floors ( above ground)
Under construction
The Royal London Hospital was founded in September 1740 and was originally named The London Infirmary (name changed to The London Hospital in 1748 and then to The Royal London Hospital on its 250th anniversary in 1990). The first patients were treated at a house in Featherstone Street, Moorfields in November 1740. In May 1741, the hospital moved to Prescott street, and remained there until 1757 when it moved to its current location on the South side of Whitechapel Road, Whitechapel.
In March 2005 planning permission was granted for a £1 billion redevelopment and expansion of The Royal London Hospital. On completion of the project, ( scheduled 2009) the hospital will have London’s leading trauma and emergency care centre, one of Europe’s largest renal services and the capital’s second biggest paediatric service.



HEMS's new home...
Ive visited this project previously....and was itching to get back and visit the helipad.
Not 'that' long ago, there was a fatality from height on this site. I don't know much about it, other than UE being brought into the frame as being a potential explanation.
I really don't know any more than that....but I'm sure if it had been one of 'us' we'd probably have heard about it by now....hence I'd let it be for a while...
Security has improved considerably since then.....good luck if you are planning on visiting'll need it !

I felt alot more comfortable on getting some height off the ground....but once on top, all was good
The Towers are interconnected, most of the way up, and to say the floor spaces are huge is an understatement......they are massive.
Up on top and with a bit of improvisation...up to the very top of the Helipad for the clear views out across The East End of London.

Despite some chilling winds and frequent lay lows due to the proximity of the 'copper chopper'.....twas a good night, with some nice views out over East London.
I ran out of of time on this one to take a good look around the lower tower and lower levels, but I dont think I missed anything I havent seen on a dozen other building sites !


The Helipad from the top of the Tower

On top of the Helipad...


The 'Old ' Hospital below

Looking West to the City...

The roof level/receiving centre directly below the Helipad...

The glass/cladding colour scheme on the either love it or hate it !

Take me to your leader !

View of the city from one of the walkways between the two towers...

Looking East to Canary Wharf