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Report - Royal Naval Hospital Haslar,Gosport Jan 2014.


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First time we visited this place way back in may 2011 we where met at the fenceline by mr security,seems atleast 2 groups where inside and being chased down by secca and police with dogs and arrests where made..Needless to say after getting on site briefly we bailed cos the sound of big dogs barking was getting closer.

After the recent spate of reports going up and with Obscurity's birthday explore to be had it was decided to give this another crack,Cheers to Stussy and wes for some useful intel :thumb

This day started at about 1am Myself SpaceInvader Obscurity and this time Urban Ginger headed off down to
Haslar at stupid O'clock in the morning,we got inside and set about grabbing some sleep while waiting for it to get light,this was hindered by snoring farting and fone alarms going off!The decision to not smoke while in the hospital incase we alerted secca, so the roof and basement was utilised for a few Joints ,after a few hours of wandering around and finding the X-ray dept it seems this golden rule got broken cos five minutes after we had left we heard noises,so we bolted up to the roof space and got some distance between us and whoever was behind us,then we found the staircase so all thoughts of who was following us kinda got forgot and we cracked on with the fisheye shots of said stairs..as i lent over to grab a shot a "oih" was to be heard and i got a guy in high viz in the shot!Turns out this was Stan (secca) and his mate Bob, who had followed the smell of smoke and knew someone was in the building!.The usual don't run was called out and conversation began,names of sorts given and as it turns out these guys where very understanding of what we was there for and had no problem so no need for further action with police,and he was decent enough to show us a few more bits we hadn't got to n the way out!So cheers Stan for being one of the good guys!

On with some pics,didn't cover a huge amount of the site it is very maze like and seems we went round in circles a fair bit

Format for pics::.Staircase,scanner,x-ray machine ,corridor,external etc.not in that order,so nothing you haven't seen before.












Nice to get inside at last but i have to say as with every explore the poster puts up the best pics..so wasnt quite what i expected but still worth the trip

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