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Report - Royal Park Primary School, Leeds - 03/02/07

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My first post / report on this site, apologies if I do something wrong.

I couldnt find much history about the school, but it looks like it was built around 1860, with some interior work redone possibly in the 50's and modern developments added later. The school closed in august 2004.

I went down to the site on friday and took some shots of the playground, but couldn't see a way in. Went back down on saturday and managed to get in through a broken window on the second floor which dropped me down onto a ledge in one of the main halls.

Looking round it was obvious I wasn't the first one to get in, the bottom of some doors were kicked in and there was a small amount of fire damage in some areas. Possibly from squatters or just random vandalism. Now, pictures.


The building has symmetrical architecture, and there was a large hall in each wing. This isnt the one I dropped into (that one was dark, but had some cool features.) You can see the fire damage on the floor and the stage set up at the far end.


A view from inside one of the classrooms that lead off from the hall looking in.


A close up of the stage.


Some dinosaurs painted on the wall of one of the classrooms.


Plastic flowers still blooming by the window, creeped me out a bit.


Blackboard in one of the upstairs classrooms.


One of the lovely twin staircases.


No running!


Finally a no smoking sign by the fire escape.

I was at the bottom of the second set of stairs when I heard two blokes unlocking the door next to me, so I legged it back the way I came and back out of the window. Saw a policeman and a car by the gate as I was making my exit, so I guess someone called them in. Not suprising really considering the complete lack of stealth employed.

Sorry for the darkness of some of the pics, I only had my point and shoot with me, no tripod / flash / torch as I figured entry would be a squeeze. Theres some more pictures up on my flickr of classrooms and other stuff at photonotts | Flickr

Let me know what you think, and hi all!