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Report - Report - ROC Post - Bowes Park : October 2018


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In a compound in north london, it has a low fence around the ROC post, but thats easily climbed as its not very tall.
The site is locked and also a padlock is chained and welded to the hole where you put torkey in, and the padlock is also gunked up with stuff inside.
The condition of the post from the outside isnt too bad, although the louvered vent is knocked off the ventilation shaft to the entrance hatch, and the louvres on the secondary vent are hanging off on one and only just on the other. There is also also exposed brickwork indicating erosion of the ground over time.
I bet its probably clean inside its been locked for years according to subbrit.

It is listed in the Alexandra palace park Conservation & Heritage Management Plan.
"Royal Observer Corps bunker (shut down, surface structures extant) "

ROC Post 2.jpg
roc post 4.jpg

roc post 5.jpg

ROC Post 1.jpg

lock 1.jpg

lastly, i took a couple of photo from outside to inside of the vent, of what looks like a fibre board

but it looks suprisingly like this stuff up close? (asbestos board)

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