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Report - Rubix - "The Falls"

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Visited here with Litteelvis

Our main aim of this trip was to try going down the Effra line. Where we had heard stories of a massive chambers. so off we went down our entrance and to the Rubix/Effra crossover junction. The only problem with this is the Effra is at that point connected with two other fast flowing relief making it a real pain in the ass to move almost taking you over.

We sat and pondered for a bit and decided against it although it is do-able walking back upstream would probably take ten times longer with alot more chance of falling in. :(.

So down into Rubix we went. After a bit of walking we passed all the usual sights, Stairs, main junctions and relief barriers and got to where we turned back last time.




Elvis pointed his torch to the ceiling and said look at that. I looked up to see a massive bore-hole probably 6 meters wide and 20 meters deep above. HOW THE HELL DID WE MISS THAT!!!. If you imagine Westminster tube station it looked like the tunnels there but vertical!.

On we went the tunnel started taking a steep aim downwards as we got deeper and deeper underground, after ten minutes of walking it leveled out we had a look at a exit point and we were now stttuuuppiiddllyy far down. This area was full of silted stuff, cutlery, jewelery, phones, money and tools.

After a few minutes of walking we heard a rumbling in the distance. closer and closer and it got louder and louder. Till eventually we were greeted by a mammoth twin chamber waterfall!. This thing was so big even the mighty power of the 10-20 couldnt fit it all in.


you can just make the top where the white border is. off to the left is a long large set of stairs which take you into another large barrel chamber similar to the storage tank at Westbourne with another three reliefs connecting into it.



Sadly no time to explore them as we were tired and had to get back. Oh well another time i guess. :)

Top class trip!


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If only you could get within half a kilometre of those stairs. Maybe one day it will happen. :turd