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28DL and UE in the News - Runcorn Weekly News 01/03/07 | 28DL and Urban Exploring in the News... |

28DL and UE in the News Runcorn Weekly News 01/03/07

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fancy spending your spare time wandering around derelict buildings? no? some people do...

Urban Explorers set sights on hospital by simon drury

A group calling itself urban explorers is planning to target empty buildings in Runcorn and Widnes and they are keeping a eye on Halton hospital to see whether any parts are closed down- giving them a opportunity to explore wards and empty offices.
The group ventures out at night to meet at pre-ordained sites, such as abandoned buildings,tunnels, factories, hospitals and even closed shopping centres.
Members share information about sites on the internet and post photographs and reports of their observations.
Now it has emerged that Halton has become a hotspot for a exploration due to the number of empty industrial premises.
And postings on - reveal members are keeping a close eye on developments at Halton hospital.
The group has high hopes that transfer of services to Warrington may mean there are a number of empty buildings left to explore at the Runcorn site.

one member boasted "I live in Runcorn and will say that the police are a joke and don't seem to care about anything ,so that's one less worry out of the way"
another added "I imagine that security will be pretty tight.but where there`s a will...."
However , the Urban Explorers say their hobby is just harmless fun. One Chesire based explorer told the weekly news "We don't specialise in breaking into abandoned buildings. More often than not they`re already open, thanks to drug users ,vandals or thieves.
"I cant speak for everyone, but if a building is not open I simply would not enter."
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