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Report - - Salford Central Police Headquarters, Greater Manchester - April 2019 | Other Sites |

Report - Salford Central Police Headquarters, Greater Manchester - April 2019

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April 2019
The Visit
I Visited this one back in April with @Choo Choo m8ty, we hadn't set out with the intention of hitting this one but as we drove past we decided to take a look and see if it was doable. And it payed off, once we were in the building we spent several hours exploring every square metre of the building, unfortunately the building is in a pretty pro state with graffiti plastered over the walls. However a few nice little details remain including the cells and several crossing lollipops littered throughout the building.

Designed by the architectural practice of Bradshaw, Gass & Hope and opening on the 24th September 1957, the building looks out onto the public square which it shares with the former Central Fire Station. Following the amalgamation of forces within Greater Manchester in 1974 it continued to operate as the GMP Salford Division Headquarters until its closure in 2005. Originally the local council had planned to demolish the former Police Station with the view to sell the land to the neighbouring Salford University, however at the last minute the building was saved from demolition because of its historic frontage. Over the last decade there have been several plans to reuse the as flats, this would see two additional floors built on what is now the roof of the building with additional housing being constructed to the rear of the building, however these plans have recently been rejected by Salford Council and the buildings future still remains in doubt.

The Photos























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Cheers for looking.


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I think my thread from years ago is still in NP lol, might as well move it out. Myself and sneak had a right laugh in there that night, was full of gear as well


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Nice report mate, got chased out of this one by some pikeys...went down the road to a small restaurant and the same thing happened
Maybe it's a 'local thing' :p

Never heard of this before but doesn't look like anything to rush to


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Tried here on Saturday night... unfortunately it has been reinforced with new metal sheets on the windows

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