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  1. GRONK

    Report - Swinton & Pendlebury Labour Club, Salford - June 2024

    June 2024 A completely unexpected visit with @stranton, having had an unsuccessful attempt at another derp nearby. As you can probably imagine, there is absolutely no history available for this place, the club looks to have been built in the 1960’s and closed around 2010. The club is a typical...
  2. dansgas1000

    Report - Robert Fletchers Paper Mill, Greenfield - December 2023

    Introduction The previous challenges of climbing and high security made it seem unlikely for me to ever see Fletcher’s. Fortunately, towards the end of last year, there was a period where security appeared to ease up a bit. Me and @JakeV50 decided to take advantage of this and finally give it a...
  3. GRONK

    Report - Kimpton Clocktower Hotel (Principal/ Palace/ Refuge Assurance Building), Manchester - January 2017

    January 2017 The Visit Explored with @stranton and @coolboyslim, the Refuge Assurance Building in Manchester is undeniably a remarkable architectural masterpiece. A simple Google search unveils the sheer magnificence exuding from every corner of this structure. Throughout our two visits, we...
  4. Parky

    Report - Inhospitable/The Works - 01/10/2023 - Manchester

    Inhospitable + The Works (explored with @Ojay , @MartyZero and a non-member) Inhospitable is a (as the crow flies) 1 and a half kilometer long culvert on the Moss Brook. This drain includes a peculiar feature, called The Works (you will see why its called that soon). The Explore We got to the...
  5. GRONK

    Report - Wheatsheaf Shopping Centre, Rochdale - June 2023

    June 2023 The Visit Visited this one with @stranton whilst @coolboyslim wondered around outside, I've had this one on my list for a while now after seeing @UrbandonedTeam's excellent report last year. This was the second time I'd visited following an unsuccessful visit a couple of months ago...
  6. Guest urbex

    General - Manchester rooftops or urbex stuff??

    Hello there I want to find any places to do rooftop on high buildings or urbex g in Manchester!! If so it would really help me!
  7. reisskerr

    Manchester Roofing

    Hey Guys. Looking for a partner/ guide… I’ve explored every abandoned building in Manchester what feels like 2 or 3 times over and looking for something fresh. Wanting to get to some high spots for photography ect. I have a few places in mind already. I know there’s a bunch of “you’re new to...
  8. Tunnel Gricer

    Report - Tiviot Dale Tunnel, Stockport - January 2022

    Tiviot Dale Tunnel, Stockport - January 2022. Tiviot Dale Tunnel - 252 Yards. Teviot Dale Station was opened on 1st December 1865 by Stockport, Timperley and Altrincham Junction Railway, although it was locally referred to as Tiviot Dale and the name was changed to reflect this in 1874. The...
  9. MK83

    Report - Eva Brothers/Crabtree Forge - Clayton, Manchester - April 21

    History - Established in 1898 Eva Brothers Ltd was a traditional Forge specialising in the forging of stainless steel, nickel and other alloys. Their Manchester base was known as Crabtree Forge, and was one of the last traditional forge works to remain in the area. The piston con-rods for the...
  10. S


    So this is my first report but definitely not my first explore, annoyingly some of my favourites have now been demolished and are now impossible to report on :( A little history Founded in 1871 as Turner Brothers to manufacture cotton cloth, The manufacture of asbestos began on the site in...
  11. MK83

    Report - Pendleton House Coroners Court - Pendleton - March 2021

    History - Pendleton House was originally built in 1936 during the great depression as a public assistance office. The poor and unemployed would be subject to a stringent ‘means test’ to ascertain whether they qualified for welfare assistance. When Pendleton Town hall was demolished in 1970 the...
  12. marauders

    Information - North West bunkers

    Hi all, been a member for a while and always found the threads helpful. Just moved to the North of England Manchester area. I've done the normal city stuff was looking to get some insight to rural locations or tips. It's harder not being from an area and taking up a lot of time with research and...
  13. P

    Toast Rack Report (Fallowfield, Manchester Nov 20)

    Recently went to the old Hollings Campus in Fallowfield, Manchester (commonly known as toast rack). Went around 3/4am on a clear night so views from the top floor/roof are really good if you catch the clouds and mist well. Photos will be attached. It’s quite a tricky one to get into past the...
  14. MK83

    Report - Egerton House Hotel, Bolton - October 2020

    This has been done a few times but we where in the area and had some time. History - Egerton House Hotel dates from around 1860. Before becoming a hotel the building was owned by a local businessman who had made his fortune in the mills. In 1979 its owners extended the hotel’s restaurant. A...
  15. MK83

    Report - The Anderton Arms, Ince, Wigan - October 2020

    History - Struggled to find much on this place. It was built in the early 1900's by the look of some of the old pictures on the web, It shut down late 2019. It's known locally as the long neck, theories about why range from landlords hanging themselves to landlords bringing in geese at last...
  16. MK83

    Report - ST Peters Church, Bryn, Wigan - October 2020

    History - Opened in 1961 on the site of the original wooden church built in 1902. The Venerable Archdeacon Arthur White , who had been St Peter's first curate in 1909, laid the foundation stone on 17th September 1960. The new church was consecrated on the 16th August 1961 by the then Bishop of...
  17. M

    Report - 100 Greengate, Manchester

    At the time this building was the second tallest completed building in Manchester and supposedly one of the hardest to get on. Instagram Youtube
  18. Joshrowlands

    Report - Salford crescent police station, Salford, March 2020

    History: Designed by the architectural practice of Bradshaw, Gass & Hope this brick and Portland stone building was opened in 1957. Following amalgamation of forces within Greater Manchester in 1974 it continued to operate as the GMP Salford Division Headquarters until its closure in 2008...
  19. RJMmcr

    Report - Premier Inn,Manchester- February 2019

    North Tower (formerly Highland House) is a high-rise residential building on Victoria Bridge Street in Salford, England. The building is 23 stories tall with a podium at the base, which gives it a total height of 80 metres (260 ft) making it one of the tallest buildings in Salford. The building...
  20. RJMmcr

    Report - Victoria theatre,Salford- January 2019

    The Victoria Theatre, designed by Bertie Crewe, was built by The Broughton Theatres Syndicate Ltd. The building's foundation stone was laid on 4 October 1899. in November 1901, less than a year after opening, the theatre began showing films and in 1913 it was granted a cinema licence. The...