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Report - Sanatorium Delirium - France - October 2018


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So I've been that busy getting my dumbex youtube channel, FB page and Insta up to like 20 billion views, likes, shares and subscribers I haven't had time to post anything here.

Ok we all know that is bullshit, I have one video of dolphins on my youtube with 0 likes and deffo no subscribers, I don't have a dumbex FB page and Insta is just for fun so I'm not likely to be retiring off my Social Media earnings anytime soon!

The reality, yeah I've been caught out by @The Lone Ranger as simply not having done much and when I have done something, being too fucking lazy to write a report. C'mon, you know it isn't just me, we are all a little guilty of doing stuff and not posting reports so I'm making a concerted effort this year to post stuff.

Anyway, this is from last October, we were heading for the Catas without much of a plan, it was KTAlloween season and we were hoping for a party. Not knowing if there was or if we were gonna fail we decided to head over anyway. To break up the drive we decided to stop off at Sanatorium Delirium on the way. I have to say I'm really glad we did it was soooo pretty even if it was little trashed and empty.

We arrived at about 4 am and yeah there was not a cat in hells chance I was arsing around getting in and finding somewhere to sleep when I had a perfectly comfy seat in the Limo and a snuggly warm sleeping bag to hand!. DiscoKitten and Adam had other plans and happily trotted off without us to bed up inside for the night with promises we would come in when we got up. After a lovely snooze, four of us crawled out the Limo and after stretching like bagpuss and filling up on coffee and cookies, we made out way in.

History (it's only short as the sluggish hold of laziness still has me in its grip and I couldn't be arsed doing anything other than plagiarising the first post I found!)

France preferred to keep its very sick population away from the general hospitals, so plans were made to construct this large sanatorium covering 336,000 square metres to house a total of 250 beds. These would be shared between two buildings, one for men and the other for women.

The first building was completed at a cost of 1,600,000 francs and construction started on 13 July 1894, it opened in August 1900 with a capacity of 164 beds. The second building opened in 1928 and brought the actual total capacity of the sanatorium to 320. During the First World War the sanatorium was requisitioned and reserved exclusively for women.

The 3-storey hospital buildings consist of a large building, open in a U-shape with two wings and outside seating areas running along one side. The sanatorium was evacuated after being bombed during the Second World War on 19 May 1940, but reopened in August of that year.

In 1967 the ground floor was converted into inpatient units and the entire place closed in 1997.

I truly hope the urbex gods can forgive my lackadaisical approach to research and report writing and I promise to try harder next time ;)

Anyway heres some pics.



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It's called " Sanatorium La Folet "

There are story's of French doktors testing on the almost dead people
There is also a story that they had to leave because of the " monster/demon of La Folet " ( up to you if you want to believe that )

We went last summer and planning to go back
there also is a big abandoned vacation park next to it I was told
great photos, I'm now looking forward to going back


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I love all these old euro asylums/mansions. Cracking pics!


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Thanks guys :) was a nice little mooch for a spare few hours on a Friday in France lol. We also bumped into a couple of French explorers so had a bit of a chat with them too (well when I say chat, more like Jobs using his best french to put the rest of us to shame with our inability to say anything french other thank Bonjour and Au Revoir)!