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Report - - Sands Quarry, Wiltshire 26/08/07 | Underground Sites |

Report - Sands Quarry, Wiltshire 26/08/07

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too old to be reckless
28DL Full Member
Well on the pauln, lesbub and citadelmonkey Wiltshire road trip our last but one stop was .....

Sands is one of the Bath Stone area quarries in the Corsham area. Long since disused for stone mining and generally nothing much to see from a WW2 or industrial perspective. However, it does have one unique feature .... it was the emergency exit for Spring Quarry and thus the "special" areas within it. Over the years this has made it the focus of some attention from those explorers in the know and therefore from those keeping Spring secure. With some trepidation we paid this site a visit.

Looking up the slope shaft to the entrance (too much condensation)

One of the few quarry related things to see - an old stone saw

These fluorescent strips and frames mark the route from Spring to the exit (or in our case the opposite :D)


And the door

Sadly seriously bricked up

For RU only please.