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why report tomorrow what you can do today!!!
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i'm starting this topic for help a friend cataphile from Paris
named Pecheur (Fisherman) who gat caught stealing the electricity
from a street light by the police last year at the Halloween Party in the Paris (Z in the GRS)
he finally gat judged and had a fine of 1250 euros to pay in 6 month
we did throw a party the 18th of august at la plage to collect some buck
but still not enough yet for pay the all fine but he still have fez month left
i'm not hustling money right now but just trying to help out a friend and a good cataphile who spend the all Halloween party outside taking care the light pole and some in the police station
i know few member from here where at the Halloween party like Dutch Nathan and he was at the party a la plage last month (incredibly crazy night)
if u down to help out you can send money thru paypal ( use the donate button above or to admin@28dayslater.co.uk - admin edit)
thx everyone and keep on exploring
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