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Report - - Seaton Burn Social Club, Newcastle upon Tyne 16/05/07-17/05/07 | Leisure Sites |

Report - Seaton Burn Social Club, Newcastle upon Tyne 16/05/07-17/05/07

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
I though I would make a detailed report with info about the structure as most people seem to only post pictures and not tell anything of the history etc.

Seaton Burn Social Club was a large social club with two bars, an events room and a concert hall. Closing in October 2004 due to lack of buisness it was auctioned off in 2005 and has been sealed up until planning permission for demolishition (lol) is granted by North Tyneside Council. There has been little activity inside since then. I went in with friends in January 2005 and bumped into another group whilst there, apart from us there is only evidence of two graffiti artists who are well-known in the North-Eastern graffiti community.

The site does however have some damage within, in certain areas there are leaks in the ceiling and and in part of the function room and entire area of it has came away. A few of the doors within the site were missing panes as they had been smashed. The upper floor windows however are not damaged whatsoever.

For anyone intending on going to this site I would suggest some boots and possibly a dust mask. Some gloves may come in useful as well.

The only places within the site that I could not gain access to were two of the bathrooms which had been locked. Security around the site is non-existant but the windows are boarded and the club backs onto a residential area and looks out onto Great North Road which can at times get busy. We took two trips down, firstly at night as it was lower risk and then again through the day so that we could get better pictures of the place. Unfortunately only the upstairs in the landlords house (which joins onto the club) and the function room were not boarded up so they are the only places with photos from daylight.

Anyway apoligise for the quality of the pictures and the slow loading time to those still living in the dark ages with 56k.

Well this is obviously the location, if you wanna go the long and lat are in the bottom left corner.


Back of the building and one of the fire escapes


Boiler room on the roof.


Dead pigeon, guess it got trapped.


Behind the ground floor bar, on the way down to the cellar.


The office in the cellar. Looked like a class place to play poker, with breeze block walls and the naked bulb hanging from the middle of the ceiling.


My friend wanted to flick the electricity switch in the basement to see if it would do anything. I pointed out that he was standing in water and there were loads of gas canisters right next to him. He decided not to :D


There was loads of beer kegs and crates of beer down in the cellar, some were full but I wouldn't fancy a drink!


Thingymabobby in the main entrance.


Stacks of keys in the main office. There were also loads of fire extingishers, egg cartons, crates of unopened lemonade bottles, and even christmas presents :D


The office was also full of membership records and diaries.


Stairwell in the landlords house, that place was still relatively tidy, with clothes, toys letters etc. still there.


Another photo from the landlords house. At the front door there was a heap of about 200 envelopes of junk mail which must just keep getting delivered. You could probably still use that house for fraud if you needed an address for something.


The function room in daylight.


I think I took this picture by accident lol. It's in the function room again.


Behind the bar in the function room.


I can safely confirm this does not happen.


Pumps in the basement.


The bar in the function room yet again.


Friend with the John Smith's dude.

Sorry about the size of this post. I had about 200 pictures in all but most were taken in low light conditions with a phone and are therefore extremely grainy. If for whatever reason you want to see these pics just PM me.

First 28DL report done :D
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