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Report - Selly Oak Hospital, Birmingham - August 2015


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Visited with @The Stig early August as a reccie and got to see the morgue whilst there. Didn't do more due to returning with @KM_Punk, @Lost Explorer and @The Stig whilst stopping at UrbexLodge Leicester for a few days.

Morgue on first visit


The first building on the site of Selly Oak Hospital was the old King’s Norton Union Workhouse which was built in around 1872 to consolidate existing services for 5 separate parishes. Originally the Hospital was built to accommodate 200 pauper inmates. In 1897 a separate infirmary opened at the site at a cost of £52,000 and was designed by Mr. Daniel Arkell. This infirmary was made to accommodate a further 250 patients and had basic facilities to cater for maternity care but there were no operating theatres or a mortuary at this point.

In 1907 the Hospital doubled in size again with further additional buildings being added due to rising populations within the workhouse and increased demand placed upon the infirmary. Over the next two decades facilities further improved with the addition of an operating theatre, plastering of internal walls, and the introduction of physiotherapy, pathological and X-ray services.

The Hospital continued to grow with 1931-1936 saw the addition of yet more operating theatres, pathology and biochemistry laboratories and the mortuary.

When the NHS was formed the site became known as a whole as Selly Oak Hospital until its final closure in 2012. The reason for the hospital closure was due to the completion of a new Q.E.Hospital which is much larger and offers many more modern facilities. Since 2012 the hospital buildings have stood empty and are in an increasingly derelict state.

Building work is now well underway and a lot of the site has been stripped back or demo'd. After a few hours of working our way through the site we were rudely interrupted by security or 'dog handler' as his jacket stated. He escorted us through the remainder of the site we hadn't yet reached and I think we managed to explore the best bits before getting caught. The architect that accompanied security told us that a lot of the buildings were being converted rather than be demo'd.




















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Some cool shots there, shame the third slab has vanished now :eek:

Liking the fire extinguishers!


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The pikey's and local yobs seem to have gone fairly easy on this place. Did you see all the lovely fake blood strewn about?


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Great pics, thanks.
Do you know of anyone going back to have a ganders?
If so, could you message me? I have heard security is pretty hot here, so understand the need to
keep open discussions to a minimum!


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I don't know what it's like now and whether they have started building but the pikeys did Infact pay a visit and stripped the copper. Some staff were still working there and had to move offsite while repairs were made,

I assume security really ramped up. I know when it 1st shut the local police dog handlers used the area for training. Probably gave security their high via jackets !


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Place is looking pretty trashed now from what I've seen lately and heard some strange stories of secca trying to steal camera gear etc as well recently.. I wont be going back here in a hurry anyway, had its day this place sadly..