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Report - Senator Security + Splash Damage offices, Bromley Conservative Club, Apartment


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History + Information
The building has been abandoned since 2013 and has had multiple planning permission permits denied. It contained 4 floors: the offices of 2 companies, a club/bar and an apartment.
1st floor - Senator Security Services ltd: The offices of a security company that started in 1997 and stopped work in 2013 but (I think) became Senator Security South in 2014 and moved to the south of the country.
2nd floor - Bromley Conservative Club: A club/pub that started around 1990
3rd floor - Splash Damage Ltd: The offices of a video game development company founded in 2001 that moved to different offices for expansion.
4th floor: Roof and small apartment

The Explore
Went with 2 others in the middle of the day, area was teeming with people hence was difficult to enter, leave and explore unnoticed. Even once in the building many large windows overlook, and hence make you visible to nearby workers and people at street level.
Unfortunately, almost all of the rooms are a bit trashed but only a little vandalised and still worth an explore.
After stumbling through the overgrown bushes we found an entrance to the first floor.
The Senator (first floor) offices were formed of multiple rooms, the floor was covered in a mess of filing, tech and office supplies. Suprisingly, there were still many files containing private and personal information left behind.
The pub on the second floor is the least trashed part of the building, this is the first area of the building where you can be seen from the street quite easily. However, there are still homeless people living in a room on this floor (weren't there while we were)
The third and fourth floors are difficult to get to without being spotted, as the stairs are directly opposite, and just above the sometimes busy road.
Rubble is strewn across the third floor, it is largely taken up by a single room, where the open offices had once stood.
The fourth floor is just a small apartment with a couple rooms. The roof is accessible both through the fire exit and the kitchen window and overlooks the nearby overpass and street below.
Overall, the building is definately worth a visit if you are in the area, easy yet interesting.
Pictures aren't great, was in a rush and was dark on the bottom floor







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The Explorer Returns

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Super trashed that but well done on getting over that huge purple fence at the front without being spotted. May have to pop in and see what else there is to see in there. Nice report ;)


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Nice! Definitely going to have to drop in on this one and take a gander. Glad you managed to find a way in, man well done! Informative report too and the pictures are nice. Nice one, mate