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Severalls Hospital - Development panorama

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
For anyone interested in the development of Severalls hospital - this is something to look at.

Sevs development

Although they haven't retained a whole lot, its nice to see what has been. Shame its surrounded by all those expensive stud walls, but hey - progress..

Biggest loss there is the chapel really, although a few people may be weirded out by living in the houses directly opposite the tower - bet that bit of history isnt in the marketing leaflets :D

I lived in Colchester for a while, and struggle to recognise the surrounding area - a lot has changed due to this development and the bypass.


grumpy sod
Regular User
It's sad to see what a pitiful amount of the main building they kept, but at least it's better than nothing...


Got Epic?
Regular User
Should have just leveled it. The tower has been completely ruined with a massive balcony round it and the ward blocks all look awful with black cladding where ever they knocked a bit off the side they didn't fancy keeping.