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Report - Sevs - 15/11/09


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Visited with AndrewB

This place has been reported many many times, so will omit the history..

Ive tried to capture some fairly uncommon shots, unfortunatly luck was not with me on this day and some muppet forgot to take the spare batteries with him... resulting in some rushed shots. not impressive. if they are not good enough please tell me and ill pull em down...

Getting in this place is certainly harder since the BBC's intervention, the "normal" entrace people seem to persue ( and indeed the one the BBC used) has been wrapped up pretty tight in barbed wire.
We did eventually find our way in, and proceeded in having a good wander - this was the 10th visit i had been on and still managed to find that we had walked in circles around the corridors....

Thankfully, the tightened security seems to have worked a little, although i dont think the place could get much more wrecked - it does seem to have been sustained slightly better

Think the highlight of the trip was bumping into the security guard at the end of the trip. easily the dopiest bugger i have ever met!
After a bit of blagging from myself and AndrewB the guard accepted my request of an escort out of the place, without taking our names that he had requested - nor our entrance... he even proceeded to give us detailed insight into the security of the place which stunned me. then when he gave his final request for our names he gave us the classic quote "do you have a bit of paper?" HAHA

Anyway, on with the few pics i have, hopefully AndrewB will pop up and show off the decent pics he took ;)


Nice an bright room, with something rather odd on the floor....

someone obviously didnt like the reflection....

It just never seems to end... (Sorry for the crap picture taking on these 2)


One of the more odd things ive found here.

Someone's been busy..






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No point in me starting a new thread so I will add my images here.

I think we both had quite a good day dispite having severe hangovers from our stupidness the night before, DN your face was a picture when you tapped on the car window lol.

Finding our way in was not too bad as people are making out just be fearless lol.

In the end when we was walking back towards our entrance we walked straight into a security guard. No Bullshit... This guard was as good as a chocolate teapot. After being completely speechless he finally asked how we got in and believed my lame explanation. When he walked us to the gate and opened it he then asked for our full names which I just told him a fake and DN ignored him he then asked me for a piece of paper and a pen to write my name down LOL. What a donut.







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