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Report - Sheffield Megatron/ River walk.


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This is my first post a while back i was on here and saw some guys had done a river walk up to the megatron starting at hunters bar.. me and my friend who where planning on doing the megatron together so he could go down and see it decided we would do a similare walk to them only starting at millhouses (area on the other side of the valley) and follow the river down to the megatron from there. these are the photo results of out walk (and a few possible things to watch out for if your planning to do it!

this is the first part of the walk where we begun. to get here take the metal steps down the genal.


this is a small area where the river goes under a few buildings.. quite alot of shoes and other clothes down there.


if your going to do this walk... go better prepared than we did.. you need waders. half way to town me and my mate where soaked.. so we stopped to dry off and get food. we also had to keep straying from the river and going along banks to avoid deep parts.


all the way along the river even through the megaton there is cool cryptic messages and stuff on the walls... keep an eye out for them


like i said we strayed allot


finally we came to the 3 tunnels at the end.. but there where environmental protection people cleaning the river. so we had to climb out of the river and take the route i took the first time found near the train station. annoyingly there where workers there too... and two massive police cars situated over the entrance... but this time we manned up and headed in. only got a few pics inside:






Next time i do a report i hope to get more pictures of the place i visit.

sadly we dident go into the main chamber this time... i hate the walk into it. so we stopped halfway at the end of the first few tunnels and headed back allong to go the other way hopping the environmental people would have gone... they wherent. so we sheepishly shuffled past and got away asap... dont think ill be going down again any time soon.. though i cant wait to do some more urban ex above ground >


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