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Report - Sheffield Wednesday, Hillsborough, May 08

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Sheffield Wednesday - Hillsborough Stadium

This site probably needs no introduction. I'm not a football fan, but I've heard of Sheffield Wednesday.
So... userscott and I were in the area and decided to give it a go.*After a fair bit of mooching and
several "I'm not climbing that!"s (from me) we got in. Actually, I quite like football, just not the
crowds of fans, so sneaking around an empty stadium was kind of fun.

Oh, apart from the almost total darkness; security patrols and the young couple having an intense
relationship crisis immediately below our roof access....for forty, yes forty long, silent minutes.
With userscott's patience being tested to the max we waited in the shadows. Finally they left
(together, phew) and we moved on up. Photos are pants but here ya go:





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