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Report - Shing Mun Reservoir Dam & Overflow, Hong Kong- Oct 2011


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A little history courtesy of wiki:

"In 1933 the Shing Mun Reservoir was built to meet the increasing demand for fresh water due to the urbanisation of Kowloon. The reservoir was completed in 1936. It was once named Jubilee Reservoir (銀禧水塘) to celebrate Silver Jubilee (1935) of King George V of the United Kingdom.
The local inhabitants were resettled in other parts of the New Territories, and now some of the old villages are submerged. The remains of other villages and houses can be seen in the woods on the side of the reservoir. The remains of Gin Drinkers Line on the nearby hills show the defences of British force against Japanese invasion during World War II."

It's a fine piece of colonial engineering if ever there was one with much of it including the below memorial now a declared monument.


Over flow & Valve Tower


Pics were taken over a couple of visits, with and without the bike -for an experimental spin down the overflow tunnel.

Overflow tunnel is about 300metres long, must be close to 45degrees nearer the top. Wet & slippery I dumped the bike halfway and resorted to hands & knees for the last bit..​


This would of been fun had I remembered my headlamp!