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Report - Siarkopol (night visit), Gdansk, Poland, JUN 2009

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Siarkopol – an old sulfur processing plant located in the industrial area of Gdansk, near the Northern Port. Some time ago a part of it was closed and the land is up for sale now, the existing buildings waiting to be demolished.


Among them is an awesome sulfur granulation tower – 67 meters of rusted steel.




I spotted it by chance on one of my walks and knew I had to come back at night. I did a quick research at home and found out they'd closed the tower down in 2004. So I was quite shocked with the state of it when we started climbing the stairs. I don't know if the presence of sulfur makes the corrosion faster but it was so rusted I thought the whole staircase was gonna fall apart any moment. But somehow I got to the top of it.


And here's the views – The Northern Port.


Siarkopol itself


The whole area was completely quiet apart from that one guy in a digger going through the piles of sulfur at 1 am. From time to time the machine would make a screeching noise and grind to a halt.


The guy would go out of the cabin, slowly walk to the front of it, unblock something, get back to the cabin and go on working. Time after time. He looked like the last man on earth.


And... that's it. The rest of the area is just wilderness, at night it's completely dark. On our way back we actually met a pack of boars :)


I loved that exploration. That tower was like from a horror movie, it was hot and dark summer night and the air smelled of sulfur. We came back next weekend for a daytime exploration of the remaining bits.