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Report - Sky Plaza Hotel, Leicester. March 2013


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9th March 2013
The Sky Plaza Hotel was owned by Days Inn. The hotels business was torn apart after a fire in November last year.
It was amazing here, a great thing was that the place was hardly ruined, the only really messed-up parts were where the fire actually was, it seems as though the fire was taken care of fairly quickly when it took place as none of the other areas of the hotel are damaged by what would have looked like fire damage.

I tried going back there a couple of weeks ago, but now it seems like it's now being 'fixed-up'. There were workmen outside and ladders and building equipment everywhere.

Please keep in mind that most of the rooms were locked and key-cards would not work without power, the very few that were unlocked which i took pictures of contained images of myself and another person i was with, and i don't want to arouse suspicion on this site, thankssss

Cigarette machine in the hallway-

View of the lobby from the 'Skyview suite' above-

Looking out-

The remains of the ceiling (This is where the fire supposedly happened)-

What seemed to be some kind of staff-room, there were a few trays with remnants of mouldy food on the table on the right-

looking out of the grated windows of what seemed to be some kind of boiler room/maintenance area-
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