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Report - Snowhill Tower, Birmingham. Aug 19


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Right, first of all it's been years since I posted a report. So if its crap, I'm going with that as an excuse!

Visited with Jane on a misty August night. The access was very obvious, but it had to be timed well with passing cars. we started our way up the stairs and after about 7 floors we heard voices and saw people coming down the stairs so with nowhere to go but down we left and waited over the road. A few minutes later two lads came out in Hawaiian shirts and left. Knowing it wasn't security we went for it again and I think 22 floors(around about that) later we was there and the views speak for themselves. Other than that it's just a tower being built in Birmingham. This place didnt stay open for long, purely because it went cold again so they shut the door :D

Amazing reflections

Death slide



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28DL Full Member
I often walk near Birmingham New Street Station and Brum never looks this good. Fantastic photos.

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