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Report - Southall Gas Works


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The gas works was originally constructed by the Brentford Gas Company, opening in 1869. It was required to meet rapidly increasing demand in Middlesex, which outstripped the capacity of the company's original works on the Thames at Brentford. In 1926 the Brentford Gas Company was taken over by the Gas Light and Coke Company (GLCC). In the early 1930s a 7,500,000 cubic feet (210,000 m3) waterless holder was constructed. This holder, which is over 300 feet high, remains as a major local landmark. Parts of the site remain in use for gas pressure reduction and storage, and the remainder for parking for Heathrow Airport. In 2010 planning permission was approved by the Mayor of London for a mixed-use development of 3750 homes, leisure, health and education buildings, over-ruling refusal by the local authority. The masterplan for the site was approved by Ealing Borough Council in April 2016.

While scoping out the site we happened to have a run in with some other 28DL members who gave us some tips and lent us some Hi-Vis. Big thanks to you @zombizza (If I heard your name right), I owe you one.
Not much to say about this sight apart from its massive and really messes with your perception of distance from the inside. Pictures below.

From the outside.

We managed to enter through the bottom of the building and were faced with the sketchiest staircase in the world. The whole thing shook on the way up.





Disused lift shaft running up the side of the building.






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Very very nice ;o)
There is an opening at the bottom now?! Incredible. We hung around for 20 mins and was happy to see you emerging at the top!


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I spent 16yrs living near the Southall gasometer and moved away some time ago, but most of my family still live near it. Excellent report and it's amazing to see inside it and also on top of it! The sad news is that the 'BlueMan' (as us locals call it) is currently being dismantled. The roof has been removed and the famous 'LH' titles have been removed also.


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That's right. There was a video posted on a southall group on facebook recently where a guy flew a drone over the top of the gasometer and you can see in to it. Quite sad really as it stood as a huge local landmark all of my life.

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