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Report - - Spiller's Millenium Mills,Docklands, London,11-03-08 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Spiller's Millenium Mills,Docklands, London,11-03-08

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Me and Dmax visited Spillers last night,it was quite nostalgic as my grandad worked there for over 20 years.
This place was responsible for bonio's dog biscuits and shapes, occuping a 59 acre site along the Royal Victoria dock's in s.e London.
As with so many of our buildings is due for a home waterfront developement which is supposed to be happening soon.
we managed to slip past the security with a few close calls to have a closer inspection !
It was totally black inside and we quickly realised this was a very dangerous place to be with holes of doom everywhere!
This really is an impressive building and had hoped to get to the roof,only to find we were unable to climb any further in the section we were in :(
I have read a few stories of accidents,dodgy upper levels and roof so care must be taken at this site.
Hope to go back soon to discover more :thumb















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