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Report - Spillers Millenium Mills, London, April 2012

Drunken Monk

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Wooo another report on MM. Okay so here's the bits of the site's history that interests me the most:

At the turn of the 20th century, this was London's largest flour milling site and was essential to the industrial development of the Royal Victoria Dock area. It was designed by Vernon and Sons who named the mills after their grade A brand "Millenium Flour" which won the Miller Challenge Cup in 1899 at the International Bakers Exhibition (what a fantastic competition to have!)

Now, all that stands of the site is a building on the southern quadrant known as D Silo (Grade II listed), a smaller mill called Rank Hovis further north and a section of the Millenium Mill building adjacent to it. Makes for a nice explore. On the actual day, access had to be gained at night due to 24/7 patrols on the inside perimeter (headlights are easier to spot in the dark obviously). Cold, damp night which made waiting in Rank Hovis' basement with Serenity, Int0sly, and a non member a bit uncomfortable, but once the sun came out, the explore was fun. Bolting away from security at the end was a nice bonus as well :D Always enjoy a bit of cat and mouse. Didn't have to throw my shoes over the palisades this time either, which is a shame..my signature move, that!

Now, I know there's loads of pics on this place so I'm only posting the ones I think (hopefully) offer a slightly different perspective on the place. Hope it's enjoyable!




My gift to the psychonauts ;)




Industrial staircase porn, ha!


The last supper set (was good running into this, all perfectly set up):




And a few shots out the various windows:




Thanks for looking.

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