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Report - Spillers Millenium Mills, London - Sept 2012


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I don't post much these days, but i think this ones worth it

Now derelict since the late 80's, millennium mills sits west silver town, london. it was the one of the largest flower mills in england at one point and delt with a large selection of imported grain, millennium named after the company ward winning grain, erected the flour mill in the early 1900's. Next to the mills sits the also now derelict rank hovis building.

The explore
One of my favorite places to visit and explore, each time i go i get to see and discover a little bit more of the mills and each explore (this being the third explore there) has a different feeling to it. any way this is to go along with serenity's report seen here http://www.28dayslater.co.uk/forums/showthread.php/74356-Millenium-Mills-Silvertown-Sep-2012
The site we had been wanting to get to for a number of weeks and due to the Olympics and both us being away for different parts of the summer, it was now or never, after scouting the fences around the site and finding out that the security office had now gone and only the one lone secca left ( from what we could tell)


We decided to do a bit of a risky climb, as S disappeared into the shadows behind me, i waited for the teenager across the road to get on his bus so i could follow, unfortionatly i didnt see where my fellow explorer went and ashumed he went a certain way, so after going through a good few bushes and come face to face with a palisade i scrambled for my phone to then realise the method and way S had gotten in, back through the hedges i went, scratches in tow .

Now actually in the grounds and re-met up with S we headed towards the buildings, after hiding for a few minutes as S saw a light on in one of the caravans we proceeded cautiously to our entrance point. made our way in easily and used minimal light to make our way to the "leap of faith" before stopping for a few minutes decided when to make our next move as we noticed movement in the docked S.S Robin. Luckily we saw no one us we moved into MM.

Now in MM we caught our breath gave each other a high five and moved onto our first point of call, finding the vegetable Mr Franglen had set up, which we found a few minutes later, soil dry and plants dead


moving on i took a couple of general beauty shots before moving onto the roof



now on the roof, we took a few minutes to enjoy the cool air, since we where both very hot from the adrenaline of getting in, we enjoyed the sights


facing london city airpot bit of filter problems there =/


after enjoying the sights we made our way to the far building and took a photo of secca's hut, him probably not doing much


we tried to gain roof access to the last building but the stairs are getting very rusty and more steps missing then i remember from videos so we decided not to, took some more photos and started heading back down



odd how many caravans where still left there...



we made our way to the top left hand room of the last photo and sat down talking about the explore and other explores untill we where rudely interrupted by a helicopter coming close, which seemed to stop and hover above/ near MM. We decided to make our way back out.
Approaching the ladder before the leap, i poked my head out to be greeted with a flash light at the end of the road, ducking back down we waited untill we heard the gate swing again confirming secca had buggered off again and proceeded to RH, before going downstairs we took a peek out of the window over the caravans to see if we could see anything, nothing at first but we could of sworn we saw a flicker of a flash light over the the way, but decided to proceed outwards.
we exited and made our way to d-silo, stopping there for a few minutes to catch our breath we evaluated the best means of exit. The way we came would be a bit hard so we ran towards the 10ft odd palisade and climbed with all our might, i didn't think i was going to make it over since the intial leap got me part way up and then i realised i still had about another 5ft to go, i heaved my self over and jumped down on to the other side, waited for S to ease his way down and grabbed his impaled glove and ran off into the night...



p.s sorry for the shoddy picture quality it was hard to get anything decent with the given light, rest of the photos on my flickr.
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