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Report - - Springfield 'M&B' Brewery, W'hampton 23/03/06 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Springfield 'M&B' Brewery, W'hampton 23/03/06

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Went to Re-visit Springfield Brewery today. I was suprised to find a very easy way into the complex, which was refreshing as they have spent a boat load on securing the place up, but left the usual 'clowns pocket'.

Although much of the brewery has been destroyed by the sickening work of arsonists, it still has some fantastic features, including the intact brewhouse, with imposing clock.

Roof is great, complete with bell hammers (no bells I'm afraid) and air raid siren. Views over Wolverhampton are fantastic.

Today I discovered a large underground part of the complex, which housed barrel storage and tanks to keep the beer in. The floor still has the rails set into it for narrow guage carts.

Place will be demolished/developed soon as there was a guy with an angel grinder cutting up RSJs today... nearly walked into him!!





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