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Report - SSSI, August '15


My name is Jeff
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One rainy day out in the ghetto, we set out. Judging by the brook, the previous fall hadn't affected the flow and we dropped in. The smell in here isn't so bad to begin with, but once you reach the new control room/screens, you are almost light headed from sewer vapor. Backed up blackened turds sit decomposing, waiting for the next overflow of sewage to be slowly fed into the slanted screens. From what I understand, there is a pump washing any trapped solids out of the brushes, allowing the de-solidified, (but still sewage) water out into the brook. The screens were very effective, unlike some other processors i've seen. There is also an overflow wall in case of a massive flooding that bypasses the screening area with a tall concrete wall.

Pausing for a moment in the jungle of dangling female sanitaries and contraceptives, we could hear a roar further ahead. SSSI is an old overflow chamber for the work 5 interceptor sewer. I climbed the ladders and the flow was a few inches from coming over the overflow. The new section was nice but we got a couple of quick shots and decided to leave as there is only a few big planks holding a wall of torrential sewage. Definatley a fun day out if you don't mind the stank!

AMP5 Goodness




Original Penstock and Overflow



The new Dual Penstock


Wanting a return trip for more brick porn!
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My name is Jeff
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All that money spent on upgrades and they forgot to upgrade the boards lol

Cheers, it's a nice little stretch and was interesting to see Inhospitable's outfall too

Choo Choo m8ty

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Deffo like this one. Great shots. Decent looking drain this i have to admit. Thanks for sharing.

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