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Report - SSSI, Manchester - June 2011


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Stinky Skanky Sewer Interceptor (or something like) this place was grim!

Visited by WB (WillyBummer), Ojay (Cripplegay) & MJS (GayLS)

After a hot day in Manchester, on a Friday evening most of the population of Manc were congregating around the pubs to quench their collective thirsts, not us however...

So off to Moston Brook again (it still smells like shit) after tales of attack wasps and fanny plasters we waded our way downstream as the light faded and found the 6ft RBP that marks the entrance to SSSI.

From the very start, this place is disgusting. Within a couple of feet you are sloshing through festering shit from the last overflow this place has experienced, and in the distance a low roar of trunk sewers carrying 90% proof mancunian fresh!

Still, it was quite pretty. :)




And so we reach the overflow chamber, the fog in here made photography quite difficult so apologies for the quality... You get the idea though, on the other side of the wooden boards is a massive trunk sewer that one of us was constantly watching for the levels coming up, at the end of the chamber is a HUGE penstock suspended on chains from above.

Whilst I was on overflow watch I amused myself by counting turds. :thumb




MJS was getting the shakes (too much fresh vapours) and Ojay reported his eyes stinging, so we fucked off out and promptly got accosted by the Po-lice dewadering at the cars.

Bigups to them for letting us go after we told them we were 'Taking photos in the river'... MJS even showed him a shot of me in the Sewer overflow! :D

Good lolworthy night, as it should be. :thumb

Thanks for lookin,



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