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Report - St. George's - Stafford



Ok, so this is my first urbex exploit! Been lurking in the shadows for a while and finally took the plunge!
St. George's is only 10 min by car from where I live - I've driven past it so many times, and not really noticed it was there!
Entry was quite easy, but I was parping myself 'cos I ain't done this before!

Some vandals had clearly broken down a door - so in I went! Only fired off a couple of shots, and had a quick whiz round. Couldn't decide if I liked the place or was a bit freaked by it - it was soooooo quiet!

Was thinking about leaving, then bang, bang, bang... I look out of a window, and there's a couple of numpties boarding up the entrance through which I came.... "oh dear", says I... so, looking for a way out... I find a door at the end of a corridor that's not sealed; just stiff - start looking for something to help open it with, and then I hear voices... the same numpts are now coming to board up this door - "dash it", says I, quietly under my breath.

To those who visit here regularly, does the CCTV actually work? Also, couldn't find the pill machine... being a medical man, this was one of my main objectives. Can't decide if I'm spooked off by the presence of the boarding guys, or whether it added to the adrenaline rush. Sorry the pictures are shite, just wanted to prove I'd been!


A classic - but it is a great room!


Wouldn't like to spend too long here I don't think!


Saw photos of this room on someone else's report, but stumbled accross it by accident!


Are any of the other outbuildings accessible?


Presumably chav damage, but looked good!


How pink was this door?!!!