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Report - St Gerard's Orthopaedic Hospital, Coleshill, April 2013


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I'm sure everyone knows it by now.

My Visit

A bus, a train and another bus later myself and my two non-member accomplices arrived in Coleshill. When we got to the site, we went about getting access the long way to then see that the front gate to the place was open. :banghead While we took the long way one of my friends said we were spotted and that he had made eye contact with a woman so from this point on we were on edge of being clocked.

While inside I then spotted someone looking round outside - this was quite a while after we had been spotted appearing from some bushes though. After they went we decided it was best we left so I didn't get all the photos I wanted.

On the way out I thought we'd just walk out the gate, but nope, it had now been locked so it was the long way round again.

Other Stuff

Originally I wasn't going to post this since it has been seriously over done. However it was my first official explore so I thought why not?

Also, when this place was open and operational a family member was treated here along with a friend of the family too.