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Report - St Jacob's Church+Shaking Tower, Gdansk, JUN 2009

kevin arnold

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St Jacob's Church in Gdansk - the last of the three churches I visited during my stay in Poland. Getting on top was easy but the tower is quite short so the views weren't as good as they could be.

Monument of the Three Crosses in front of the Shipyard.


Greek catholic church accross the street.


Oil refinery, I guess


On top of the tower.


Roof of the church




I wasn't entirely happy with this exploration so I decided to do something more. I went to see The Shaking Tower that I hadn't been to in a while. It was getting light so I thought I'd see sunrise over Gdansk. The tower is located on a hill in the forest and is said to have something to do with the airport that we used to have in the middle of the city long time ago. Apparently it was some kind of signalling tower.


It's very old and rusty and it just swings to the sides as you climb it - it's a nightmare. You really have to switch your brain off when you're on top not to panic.

Above the trees


I was using a tripod to take pictures but the tower shakes so much all of them looked like this:


Finally I took one without a tripod.


But that's about all you can see from the tower now. It used to offer a nice view over the city, now the trees have grown taller and they obscure most of the view. No sunrise pictures then.