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Report - St John 's Asylum - Lincoln - May 2013


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The History

St John’s Asylum, Lincolnshire in the East of England was built 1852. The building was then known as Lindsey & Holland Counties & Lincoln & District Lunatic Asylum. The Asylum has also been known over the years as Lincolnshire County Pauper Lunatic Asylum and Bracebridge Heath Asylum. Finally it was given the name St John’s during the early 1960’s

It was originally built to house just 250 patients but by 1902 the asylum grounds covered 120 acres. The grounds of the asylum were cultivated by the inmates where they grew their own vegetables. Within the grounds was a cemetery for the hospital which covered 1.5 acres. St John’s also had its own mortuary chapel.

After the outbreak of World War II during 1940, the patients were transferred to other nearby establishments as the hospital was turned into an emergency hospital.

In 1948 the administration of the hospital was passed to the National Health Service
The asylum finally closed its doors during December 1989 with all the patients being transferred to other nearby hospitals.

The site was then sold to developers who have converted a lot of the site into new housing.

The Visit

A nice early start and a drive from Sheffield over to Lincoln saw us arrive just before dawn. I'd done my research and had an entry strategy, that went bust as soon as we got there. We made 'alternative arrangements' and within 10 minutes we were in a dark corridor on the right side of the wall. The explore was relaxed and the dawn sun made for some interesting lighting. We only got to see half of the the hospital before builders started arriving. Strangely, as we back tracked to find our exit, a door had been locked behind us but we circumnavigated this and headed back down to the ground floor and back into the grounds. I've been out action for some time now and this is a report I posted previously but the pictures were deleted from the host and the thread was subsequently deleted. I missed the PM from Zero asking what I would like to do so I'm reposting to share my experience and hopefully get back into the game.

The Pics











Thanks for reading!
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Nice ones :thumb

Bet it's changed a bit over a year though :)

One of many I've yet to see yet along with Sevs
Thanks! Yeah, I do fancy going back to see how it's changed. I'd love to see Sevs but I need to talk my exploring parter into taking the long drive with me!