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Report - St John The Baptist School New Springs 0516


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28DL Full Member
There isn't much info about the place out there, it was clearly a junior school that just closed! The weather and morning lighting was perfect so I took a drive and went for a mooch. It reminded me of my junior school and I left many years ago, I actually Hated school so it felt quite poignant!

Nature, as always - is winning!

The rear playground:


The front:


The stage is set:


Notes passed under the desks will be dropped down the holes!


Peeking! Is this where the Mary Celeste crew attended?


Tuck Shop delivery for Bad children!


Onward christian so-o-o-ooldiers! Oh dear.




Assembly hall:


A device for stopping face pulling from the corridor!


Religious studies room, with a cupboard for bad non believers:


Lick of paint required?


Once a hive of activity:



It might be a bit noisy now!