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Report - - St Johns Chelmsford 18/11/07 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - St Johns Chelmsford 18/11/07

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Going on the back of MidnightRunner's thread;

As I am unable to post in there currently I decided to post up my report of the days events.

Well Tamasine got a MSN Message on Sat from MR asking if she would be up for St Johns. Bearing in mind this was where she was born, of course she said yes.

We met up with a few of the guys, and went for a look around.

I have done a few places before but going with a group of like minded guys was wicked. We spent a good few hours in the place and got a few pics.

I am still on a learning curve when it comes to the pics, stupid me forgot my Tripod so had to resort to using the flash or resting myself against the wall.

It was a great day which as JonBoy has put, you couldn't of had more fun if your had paid for it.

Cheers guys. Look forward to the next one.

Any way heres the pics.

A very wet and moldy room.


One of my sort of signiture shots of a fuse box.


The most random of pipes in the Chappel, it was only on the one side???

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