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Report - - St johns lincoln march 07 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - St johns lincoln march 07

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Well the main aim of tonights trip here was to try and find more tunnels. after meeting up with tunnel lover(who alse for tunnels) we made our way in. this place has been boarded up very well as we discovered last week on a reccie. as always the clowns pockets were open;) you could see the chavs had had a go at some of the new security measures in a few places.

Theres a section that must be where the asbestos removal is being done at the moment and its all sheeted down with plastic, loads of internal doors were sealed making it hard to get around as we don't brake anything even though the papers say we do:wanker :wanker :wanker .

We did manage to find one section of tunnels that i had'nt been in or seen photos of before so that made the visit worth while.

Loads of areas have been cleared out now and a lot of the rubbish seemed to be in the court yard at the rear including the C shaped things out of the main hall.

I did'nt take many pics inside other than the celler/tunnels as people have seen most of the rest, i did take a few shots outside as it was such a clear night.

hope you like.








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