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Report - St. Mary's Mortuary & Vagrant cells, Melton Mowbray - August 2015

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The history

St. Mary’s was originally a work house and later turned into a hospital, this place, unlike most others, retained some of it's original features from it's Workhouse origins. The whole Vagrant's block had been retained. Why they did this was unclear, but a small section of this small block was converted into a small Mortuary that would service both St Mary's and Melton Mowbray cottage hospitals.

The explore

You know how sometimes you’re not actually looking for something and it jumps out and grabs you, well that’s kinda how this happened.

Was out and about with @slayaaaa and headed out of Essex early doors to investigate the War memorial hospital in Melton Mowbray, after a great little visit there we headed north to hit something else, well that was the plan. A sat nav misunderstanding and we headed up the wrong road, but decided it would get us there anyways. Having a nose around as you do, I noticed the boiler room at the hospital we where passing was boarded up. We had a bit of a was it wasn’t it moment and ended up using the well known Urbex turning point of the nearest side street and spun around. We had a look and sure as hell there it was boarded up. Hmm let’s explore!

We pulled into the hospital car park and started decamping from the car when we both noticed this….



@slayaaaa said exactly what I was thinking and we decided it just had to be a morgue…..

Damn we where right :D

It was a small 6 person morgue equipped with pillows WTF!!!! Through the door to the right of the morgue was a small chapel and waiting room. Very quaint and very personal I can imagine if you had lost a loved one.








With that we got ready to leave but had a small problem of two ladies yapping in the car park outside the morgue. So after what seemed like the worlds longest wait we left and walked around the building. After all exciting a morgue through a window in public isn’t really the done thing…

While in the Morgue we found a technical drawing of it and found what it referred to as the Tramp cells. This made us curious as to what was the other side of the wall.


The plot thickened, we found this brick built building but it was fenced off



Yeah like a cheap ass bit of Heras fence was going to stop us, we pondered on how to tackle it and decided simply walking around the end of it was definitely the best option.





Again like the morgue, this was a bit overwhelming and we both giggled and got a little excited. I have honestly never seen anything like it. At first it appeared to have been burnt out, but on further inspection the bricks where actually black and had been painted white at some point. After doing a bit of research when I got home it turned out the “Tramp” cells where for tramps and vagrants who either caused trouble on the streets or there wasn’t room or they where not welcome in the work house due to their behaviour.

Hope you enjoy the pictures J








"Take only pictures, leave only footprints"
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Looks like a bloody nice little find! Well done guys! Nice pics as well mockney! ;)

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The two from last pictures are inside the cells :)

They where a bit hard to photograph with just my basic kit
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Now that's something else! Nice work I love it.

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HI Everyone - I am the Conservation Officer at Melton Borough Council and I am currently trying to get the Vagrants Cells building listed - otherwise it is going to be demolished by the developer who purchases the site from the NHS. Your photos of the vagrants cells are stunning and I would reallly appreciate the chance to use them in my listing. Can anyone provide me with the contact details for the owner of these pictures? It would greatly help the process. Thanks guys! Toby Ebbs email tebbs@melton.gov.uk and phone number 07470 224 606...You can read more about the story here....http://www.meltontimes.co.uk/what-s...at-melton-s-st-mary-s-hospital-site-1-7197594