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Report - St. Peters School, Gainford

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Had my eye on this one for a while now. This place started out life in early 1900 as an orphanage, then became a borstal, and more recently a nursing home. It closed in 1997 and has been stood empty since. Last time I had a look around, there were people inside and lots of evidence of drugs use. Today it was empty and much more of it has been boarded up.
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The site consists of four buildings, the main building, the dormitories, the gymnasium and the classrooms.

This is a more modern building, around 1960's I suspect. There is little to see in here, blackboards in some rooms, wooden benches in the science room, pidgeon sh!t in every room. Mask up if you're venturing in here, there's asbestos clad pipes.

The ultimate in trashed, this place beats Billingham house. Part of this building was torched a few years ago collapsing the roof. Its wooden stairs in here too, I didn't enter today, didn't have me bash hat with me.

This building still has some original features, wooden climbing ladders, wooden floor, stage and climbing ropes. The grafitti in here suggests drugs use, but more sinister the suggestions of abuse of the former residents here. 1962-1963 must have been a bad year.

Main building:
This building is quite large, long and narrow. It is really two buildings, connected by a single story corridor. The larger building is three storys high and faces east, towards Darlington, the other (with the main access door) faces onto the main road, north. All the downstairs windows are boarded, along with some of the second floor windows. The doors are securely bolted from the inside except the main door. This is locked from the outside in plain view of the busy main road. Although left to ruin, I get a good feel about this place.
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Re: St. Peters School, Gainford - ARCHIVED

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Lauren Amy

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the orphanage or former care home above IS NOT being demolished and is in fact still standing as shown in the above images. Due to the horrifying history of the building it is unlikely to be demolished any time soon as the fear of what they will find is greater then the look of the building that the locals would like gone. its said that between 62-63 was a terrible year and that even body may be found under the building? who knows? it may be rumours or actually true but as a lot of the truth was hidden it remains a misery and is unlikely they will dig up the past of the building.