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Report - St Thomas Hospital Stockport May 14

Ibiza zs

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The description was borrowed from here. Courtesy of another member.

Shaw Heath once treated thousands of older people and psychiatric patients on the NHS and was first a workhouse, opening its doors on Christmas Day 1841. It fell into disrepair and I believe there were plans to turn its partly listed buildings with clock tower section in to flats. Work has begun however there may have been lack of money as all work seems to have now stopped?

The Victorian workhouse known as The Grubber was once home to scores of Stockports poor and unemployed throughout the Victorian era. In 1948 the site became Shaw Heath Hospital, later renamed St Thomas’s which finally closed its doors on the 29th October 2003.

In 1905 a new office and board-room block was erected at the west of the workhouse site at the corner of Flint Street. The workhouse comprised a two-storey entrance block facing the main road at the south-west. Assorted other buildings were subsequently added at each side.

This site isn't worth a visit at night as there isn't mcuh to see and the police turned up and all 4 of us ended up cuffed and in the back of a van, with some explaining they realised we weren't in there to steal anything or cause damage and we had explained what we were doing with showed them the pictures they let us go.

We arrived later on at night with a few other friends and found our entry point, wasn't too hard! We had a look round and the main building is fully boarded from top to bottom with no entry. Most of the other buildings around are pretty well sealed up apart from one that we got into with some climbing. We managed to gain entry to the building on the right of the site at the front. The pictures aren't the best as i was only using a phone and it wouldn't focus properly. Here is what i have!


Main Building from the front on the right, all boarded up.


Kitchen area upstairs.


One of the buildings at the front, we had to lie on the floor with hands on head whilst waiting for the police under the spotlight there. The police dog was pretty scary tbh!


Locked up fire exit, the fire escape on the other side was pretty rusty and din't look in too good condition.


Main front area


As you can see it wouldn't focus but it read, No smoking Stockport Medical services IIRC


Someone had been trying to get into the loft area.


Nice big hole in the floor someone had made, looks as though they were after copper.


One of the patient rooms

I know they aren't the best quality but we were trying to be in and out without being noticed, obviously it didn't work.
Thanks for looking at it anyway!



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Fair play Ibiza. As you say, not superior quality, but either are mine. The respectable thing is you took an opportunity and had yourself a look :)

You were clearly unlucky being caught by the police! Oh, and never ever give up searching for ways in, but it must be done legally or expect serious consequences.

Ibiza zs

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28DL Full Member
Yeah, the only way into the main building would be to take off a board which isn't advised! Entry to the office block next to flint street could be possible by climbing through a broken window but didn't want to risk that!

Ibiza zs

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28DL Full Member
Haha could just be that! Need to go find a couple other places, apparently there's a hospital down the road you can go in if you ask security on there.


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28DL Full Member
Oh mate. Good to see you did it at night!
I went in there the other weekend, didn't really seem like there was much left. That whole center building has been renovated with new floors and ceilings and all that so you missed nothing.
The way i think about it is that whoever is coming to get you is more scared than you. They're looking round abandoned buildings for people in the middle of the night.


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Watch you don't become too blase (blarzay) You may think they'll be worried and petrified, but If they're going to risk coming after you in a dark lonely building, I bet they'll have a knuckle butty ready for you should you wish to waft a lens cloth at them.

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